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Share Truth. Love Others. Offer Hope.

For nearly a decade, my mantra to “Testify, Engage, and Believe” has served me well in every role I play… from Christian, husband and father to entrepreneur, mentor, and coach. I have since developed a PEP (People Engagement Program) Talk around it and am now working on a companion book for those who want to take a deeper dive.

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We Need To Practice All Three… No Exceptions.

About Romy

Romy Blystone has worked with at-risk youth since he was one himself back in the late 80’s. His passion is to coach others on how to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. From his personal testimony to his recent certification as a Habitudes┬« Master Trainer, Mr. Blystone’s message rings true no matter where you come from… or where you are going.


The Framework

My personal philosophy is simple.

“Testify. Engage. Believe.”

I live these values out loud when I…

“Share Truth. Love Others. Offer Hope.”

Having said that, I have developed a unique framework for delivering keynote speeches that invite my audiences to see truth, love, and hope presented in new, fresh and relevant ways.

Topics include, but are not limited to: Habitudes® (character and leadership lessons), parenting best practices, conflict resolution, bullying, alcohol and other drugs (AODA), politics, religion, business consulting, and everything in between.

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